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About Us

Bdigital 19 is a new age cloud based unified digital marketing and CRM portal with SMS-Email-Voice and Internet marketing capabilities, lead management and Customer Relationship Management. It has an intuitive customer engagement engine; all aimed at enabling businesses to deepen brand loyalty and deliver the perfect customer experience. Our integrated one window digital marketing platform reduces the complexity of multichannel marketing, and enables businesses to convert prospects into loyal customers and drive personalized interactions in real time.

We have already provided technical assistance to more than 50,000 individuals, associations, SMEs and enabled them to take the advantage of the social revolution by embracing the forces of change viz., Competition, Convergences, Globalization and New Technology.

Our Services

Bdigital is the single platform you need you any or all of the below services. With a single login, you can access all the services and their responses resulting in a One view of each of your customers

Internet Marketing


Enterprise and volume mailing is generally used by companies to send newsletters and new product informations to customers. With the increase in usage of smartphone, this tool is seen as an extension of Messaging with much rich content and tracking. If used effectively, this tool can be your very window to consumer behaviour


Your website can be the single platform where all your online & offline campaigns culminate. By putting a simple tracker, you can track visitors, their likes, dislikes etc. A medium that markets for you 24*7, it needs to fit into any device and be intuitive enough to know where the visitors would like to navigate. Here bdigital19 gives the major thrust on user experience, after all you want the visitors to keep coming back to you for more.

Online Marketing

Be it an organic optiomization through SEO or an instant result through PPC or Social Media marketing, Bdigital19 is geared to provide you the results in the most optimized way. Here, one size fits all doesn't work, hence a custom solution is provided to customer based on their specific needs

Mobility Services


Enterprise Premium messaging or SMS is known to be the most economical communication medium with the most widespread usage because of its applicability to almost any handset and instant delivery. A boon to businesses, this marketing and communication tool has helped millions of enterprises in delivering sensitive information to customers in time.

Voice Messaging

For a greater impact, voice will always be ahead of text. Often times a voice reminder trigger an action that a simple SMS may not. Voice Messaging is immensely useful where the voice content plays a part in campaign success or where a quick feedback is required. Voice messaging comes in 3 flavours, a simple voice broadcast, a feedback campaign that captures the recipient's input or an interactive campaign where the recipients can directly be connected to the marketeer with a mere press of a button

Cloud Telephony

Missed Call Service, Toll free Number Service, Virtual attendant

With this new age telephony, you can have virtual no.s, virtual attendants and real customer service. Cloud telephony has a lot to offer, whether it is a toll free no., missed call service or a virtual operator doing much of your work, the only thing guaranteed is your peace of mind. While you indulge in the real business, technology does all your administrative tasks of recording, forwarding, responding to calls the way you desire.

Calldesk Contact center suite

CallDesk19 is a customer interaction management system, into contact center environment CTI program integrated with CRM that consolidated all applications into one user friendly program. CallDesk19 helps you deliver customer experience that bolster their trust for your company and improve business outcomes.

Customer Relationship management

Knowing that every business is meant for customers, bdigital19 puts your customer in the center of your strategies. The CRM lets you record all interactions with your customers so that you know your customer before designing any strategies. Know your customers' repeat business frequency, their buying pattern, churn rate and the campaigns they responded to and much more. Identify trends, spot opportunities, increase efficiency, attract, retain and delight customers.

Mobile App

In today's age, customers prefer quick communication and quicker resolution. Mobile App interactions just offer that to your customers, whether it is a delivery update to a customer or a service request resolution, your customer will just love to interact with you here. Bdigital19 provides businesses with their mobile App which comes packed with customer engagement tools and the best part is that the interactions through this app are seamlessly available in your CRM

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